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Memorial Videos

More and more families are turning to the photo-to-video montages as a meaningful way to pay tribute to their loved ones. Pictures showcase their achievements, milestones, and the lives they touched and will give friends, family, and acquaintances a tender look at the life of a special person. It is in essence a video eulogy. What a beautiful expression of love!

Print-to-video montages can be played during visitation, during a memorial service or following the service, depending on your preference. However, this is not just a video for the present. This celebration of life will be treasured by you and your family forever.

Our photo montages are created from pictures provided by family members and friends. These pictures are treated with the greatest of care and will be returned after they have been scanned. The digital images are then color corrected, adjusted, and enhanced. We use soft transitions with smooth zooms and pans to present the details of each picture and give them movement. Sentimental music and tasteful graphics are added to complement the tribute.

Memorial Videos are always our top priority.  Organize your photos, choose music, write the wording of the opening title, and leave the rest to us. We will be professional and respectful of all religions, and punctual. Every memorial video will be custom produced and will have feeling and emotion.

We come to you day or night to pickup your material and create your loved one’s tribute video within 24-48 hours.

Funeral Video


Videotaping the funeral of a loved one can be a nice way to capture the stories and memories being shared. Often, grief prevents us from remembering and perhaps even listening to all that is said about our loved one. Video allows you the time to reflect and remember what was said. It is also a good way to share with those that were unable attend the funeral. 


Videotaping will be done with discretion. We will be unobrtusive and our focus will not be on the people grieving but rather the stories and memories of the loved one's passing. 


Please contact us for references and consultation. 

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